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I noticed that there's no scaling in the Miracle scaling when infused with Lightning. Is this true?


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The Dragonslayer Crescent Axe is in the same place in SOTFS as it is in DS2. I edited the wiki page, feel free to cut it down to just one description.
The +5 has a B instead of C, must be a higher C tier scaling when not upgraded then, yeah?
it is NOT always in the same place for softs, it depends on your games patch, older patches has it in the secondary place(confirmed from my personal testing on pre 1.13 ps3 patch and post ps4 1.13 patch)
What about sunlight blade, oris it just resin

May I use a Bonfire Ascetic to get a second one in the first run? And if so, on which bonfire should I use the bonfire ascetic?
At the second one, but you need to kill Najka before you can use the Ascetic. I reccommend getting Tark to help you kill Najka so you can get two of them by a fairly low level.
Who put down the note that it's a reference to some obscure book series? The axe is rather plain-looking so it could match numerous descriptions and the golden falcon shield has nothing to do with the axe.
"Obscure book series".. what a moron.
what a dumb*****. lol. brainlet
the hint literally explains it, ive read the book and yes its a classic tip of the hat due to character referencing, uncultured swine