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By Anonymous
One dark insolent spirit just dropped a fragant branch, the item used for removed petrify on npcs, maybe is a rare drop, im using coveteus snake and the shield with extra drop rate.
By Anonymous
There's also one more that spawns in the secret chamber behind a Pharros Lockstone where you get the Olenford Staff.
By Anonymous
This is wrong. There are at least 8. 2 in the room where you summon the first npc, before the merchant. 4 in the room where you light everything up (one up top on either side of the shortcut , one on each of the drop downs). There is one in the large room that spawns the invader. And, another behind the statues in the room before the boss.
By Anonymous
I just got a Fragrant Branch of Yore also (SOTFS: Avarice, Covetous +1, Tatters, Rusted Coin). Also, there appeared to be more than 6, and did anyone notice that the lights held by the statues in the ravine behind the sconce, go out one by one as you kill them? If I'd have know I would have counted them.
By Anonymous
Err. 9. I forgot the one that spawns near the caster on the ledge above the entrance to the large room where the invader spawns.
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By Pedrithor
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Fragrant Branch of Yore drop confirmed by me too. Added to drops.
By Anonymous
it stands that one of the guys drop the insolent set but i only get the chestpiece where i the rest of the set??
By Anonymous
The drop section indicates the possible drops you can get by killing one of them, not guaranteed drops. The game chooses at random what they drop and they can drop the same thing multiple times. Also, armor sets aren't normally dropped all at once, you usually get one piece at a time. Farming will be required to get the other pieces (Check out the wiki page for the insolent set for more info). In order to maximize the drop rate, you should probably equip as many item discovery equipment you have and use a rusted coin before you fight one of them. Otherwise, use an ascetic of go into NG +.
By Anonymous
Anyone has a spare insolent set that can trade with me? I' around 2mil Soul memory.
By Anonymous
Do you still need it?
By Anonymous
Does anyone have an extra chest piece and gauntlets? I can trade drakekeeper armor pieces, on ps4 btw add me PsychoDude25
By Derpila
To any future readers, do NOT use discovery increasing items, that'll just make them more likely to drop Spices and Twinkling titanite
By Anonymous
Why not? enemies can drop multiple items anyway.
By Anonymous
You're my hero dude, trying to farm the set currently.
By Anonymous
Do they count for Dark Spirits you need to collect in the Way of Blue Covenant Ranks?
By Anonymous
"Six in total, non-respawning." my ***.
By Anonymous
I know how you feel. But it sure was fun fending all of them off.
By Anonymous
They dont respawn
By Anonymous
Or as I call them baby bell *****es
By Anonymous
Not sure if this is inaccurate or an outdated info but here's the locations. Additionally, they don't despawn even if you're killed so no worries. 1 near the syans in the entrance 2 in the room with the Lydia black mages 4 in the dark corridor 1 near the black mage and the treasure chest in the Ditch 1 in the room with Pharros contraption 1 in the left hallway going to vendrick
By Anonymous
Do I got all 10. Fextra life said 12 and I think you're right with the outdated part.