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Why did they decide to put all the gesture icons in Alva armor???
A question of Curiosity, met with Hostility.
And you argue with that
just started the game on ps3 :D #Nub
Because it's the most stylish
And you argue with that
consistency and so you can see the model better
series' posterboy is elite knight set
ds2's posterboy is faraam set
yet the icons arein alva set
tbh idk really
The person who said because it makes the model clearer is probably right, while perhaps not the best choice, Alva's set has pretty distinguishable body parts, mostly from the contrast of colors
what about the secret gesture?
Straid of Olaphis requires at least 3 intelligence before he'll accept to properly talk to you, it's required to learn his gesture, can only be a problem if you picked bandit as your class.
Is the mock the point down?
That, or "no way", possibly "welcome".
Welcome is the ultimate disrespect
no its more like when someone wants you to do something but you have no idea what they want you to do.
Sucks there's no sitting emote
>not having prayer gesture for my priest character
What is this heresy?!
no point down? RIP my plan.


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Mock emote my dude
Who else thinks of Brock Lesnar when you see the Warmup gesture?
best gestures imo. Is missing a point down and looping gestures tho