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By Anonymous
Maughlin ain’t laughlin anymore…
By Anonymous
25% more souls is great and all, but DS2 is by far the more lenient on giving you lots of souls. So, unless you just wanna rush through the game as fast as possible, wouldn’t kill him.

Also, he sells quite a bit of armor.
By Anonymous
thats why you spend 16k souls with him BEFORE killing him. That way you get the boss stuff anyway. Oh, and if you have no souls, he gives you a great invisable set. Goes awesome with the white ring. Also after the 16k spent, and you have the armor. Then kill him, he still sells all the boss armor and you can get the butterfly set still to. So honestly he is the most pointless character ever created. and has zero impact.
By Anonymous
Don’t kill him if you want a specific set sold by him let’s say Butterfly or Elite Knight in my case. As even if you revive him and spend souls he will not update the next time you revive him. So before you kill him think about what armors you want and if you’ll feel bad after killing him. Though if you do spend the souls first you’ll gain the sets even when he’s dead so if you get 16k souls then kill him you’ll be fine probably.
By Anonymous
If you kill him before spending enough souls for new purchasable items,
the new items wont be available later even if you revive him and spend the necessary amount of souls.

Just tested this (sotfs newest version on steam).
By Anonymous
Speedrunners: Ding dong, your life is now gone
By Anonymous
His amnesia is so bad he forgot that we the players are the only ones buying his stuff
By Anonymous
That would make a bit of sense since we likely would change armor a fair bit and hollowing has an effect on ones memeory
By Anonymous
Drip merchant
By Anonymous
If I ascetic the bonfire does he stay rich or will I have to spent 15K again?
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By Anonymous
mfs really killing the only colored character in the entirety of dark souls
By Anonymous
mfs kill eileen in bloodborne too
By Anonymous
The blacksmith is coalblack
By Anonymous
The blacksmith is deep green, from Hollowing. His daughter looks pretty white and not mixed either.
By Anonymous
Really making it a race thing when it had nothing to do with that in the slightest. L take
By Anonymous
Who the hell says "colored" ?
By Anonymous
You know what Im gonna say it. Spending too much souls just to unlock boss armors is nothing more than a waste thank god in DS3 you buy the sets after defeating of a boss.
By Voidmaster
well, you can actually buy the set of 3 bosses (Lost Sinner, Smelter Demon, Looking Glass Knight) without having to spend any soul to him first. And those cost enough to unlock the remaining Boss Armor.