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after spending the required amount a the merchant's store the only boss armor he's selling is the lost sinner
i cry every time
16,000 & your burnt aztecs? didn't know there was any left. lol Burn one more though, you'll get it. It's +++ 3 acetics.
I've spent well over 16k (spent every soul after killing nashandra for the second time) in new game + and burnt 2 Aztecs but he won't sell the moon butterfly set, I have the Sheild from his chest though.
He sold the moonlight butterfly set to me without me having to use any bonfire acetics. He started selling it after I got invaded by someone using the set.
I only had to get the Far Fire to bonfire intensity 3 and have him in the second phase for him to sell the butterfly set.
This page is incomplete
Got told he can be brought back
they didnt mention its for 3000 souls and temporary
used BA to try and bring him back but it didnt work x,.x


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This page is incomplete, he also gives you the Aurous set after spending 16000 souls and having 0 souls in your character.
Also, he sells the Ivory King Armor if you killed or delivered the Loyces souls to Alsanna, Silent Oracle in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC.
I can confirm about the Aurous Set... Spend a total of 16,000+? souls, then talk to him with 0 souls... He will give you the Invisible Aurous Set "as a compliment"... A very good set because it has good defense, and very light... So if you just started playing / created a new character, do it.
I play PS3 with Dark Souls 2 and when I kill the merchant I did not get any type of Boss armor so please be careful because I did not know and I try spending 16000 and I went a little over than that
He sells it he doesn't drop it
Oh I see what you mean, after you kill him his inventory doesn't add the new boss armor
Well, I killed him to get Tseldora Robe right away and never got the Auros Set (invisible armour). It's a shame. The inventory of all the NPC's get stuck upon death. Makes sense though Lol
A *****ing ****** (period)
Wow, considering from his apparent memory loss, his success is slowly hollowing him. And to think he started as such a humble person. Poor guy.
Its all your fault for making him rich
Well his purpose was to get rich and go home. He decided he didn’t want to go home anymore because business was so good and then he finally achieved what he wanted.
killing this NPC like mandatory to get rich
Said every serial killer ever
Well you could just get the Tseldora set from enemies in Tseldora Brightstone Cove and not lose the several sets of armor he sells, but ok.
umm were does he come from
like his homeland
Sounds like someone hasn't bothered to listen to his dialogue.