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I have Scholar of the First Sin on 360. It is not located on the body after the mummy.
the switched up item locations and enemy placements are only on xbone, ps4, and the PC versions of SOTFS. the ps3 and 360 versions just got a free update adding a new boss and a few other things and the disc version you buy just comes with the DLC, so you need to be looking for the location of stuff in the regular version of the game if you're on 360.
Scholar of First Sin on 360. The locations of enemies and items did not change (Changes in location only affected pc and xb1 and ps4). So follow the location for the original dark souls 2. Beat the belfry gargoyles.
I am using SotFS on ps3, and its not on the bridge here either.
Note to players looking for this key, the updated location for sotfs only applies to pc, xbox one, and ps4

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Not the Game Boy version?
are you dumb
Are you?
And , what other platform can you play this game on ?
You can play on ps3 also where it acts more of a bundle pack and the base game isn’t altered. And know you may understand the reason for the op.
i leike
Phew, thanks, SotFS, for saving me a trip to hell