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By BoletarianVileblood
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What an idiotic system, if they at least implemented a password system to bypass all this mess it would be fine, but now it’s impossible to coop with my gf like we normally do in all souls games since demon’s souls. No wonder fromsoft yanked that clown naotoshi from any future projects.
By Anonymous
When you buy a bunch of stones and upgrade a bunch of weapons just to try them out and ditch them, then you find out this is a thing
By Anonymous
Thanks to this system there's barely any low level twinks or ganks, and the if you want to twink anyway you re gonna sweat blood to get a proper twink build.

You might not share my opinion, but ds3's pvp gankfest being worse than ds1's invasions by lvl 150s in undead burg is a damn fact, and the fact that ds3's broken *** pvp was the "people's favorite" speak volumes about how sometimes the majority of players doesn't even know what they want and they only repeat what they like to gear like mindless sheeps.

Ds2 is here and it is like we all know. You have 5 other similar games to play if you don't like this one, so spray your tears elsewhere.
By Anonymous
Get over yourself, dude.
By Anonymous
I had no idea someone could be a: homophobe, gatekeeper, elitist, and holier-than-thou ******* in less than a paragraph. Bravo, champ. You do your people proud.
By Anonymous
Wow, sounds like someone lost an argument and decided to argue with a wall instead
By Anonymous
This is one of the most garbage systems ever
By Anonymous
Lol the dude saying he is being homophobic must be confused. In games like World of Warcraft, a twink character is one that's a seemingly low level but is equipped to the teeth with amazing gear and stats. They do this to essentially torture and aggravate lower level players who aren't "twinked out" as they call it. I don't ever remember it being used in reference to sexuality. Not sure who started it but it's stuck around.
By Anonymous
I think it's a good system. In theory, each soul you gather is a little bit better you get at the game, no matter what level you're in. Then it's a matter of leveling up, if you can. Also, Souls games (since Demon's Souls in PS3) have MANY elements that are almost out of reach of the player to willfully manage, or are really tedious to manipulate. Not everything is at the user's control, so keep playing and reach further levels, use Agape, or make a new character.
By Anonymous
Fear not maggots... They will remake this game and hopefully without soul memory
By Anonymous
This has got to be the dumbest most convoluted nonsense multiplayer system. Just ridiculous
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