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So for anyone curious, I have barely lost any souls and have grinded almost everything that could go extinct to extinction(Aldia's keep I passed on grinding and I haven't beaten the darklurker). The approximate maximum soul memory on a bonfire 1 intensity playthrough is a little above 6 million. Max level possible would be about 230 or a bit higher. I got to 217 with a leftover 80,000.
Join champions covenant and enemies don't go extinct.
and yet its easy to go way above that when being summoned a lot
Did you use full farming gear?
Can you increase soul memory by selling items to gavlaan?
How much does being in the heirs of the sun increase the range?
How much does being in the heirs of the sun increase the range?
Yes. Soul memory increases when receiving souls from ANY source, and the only way to stop this is by wearing the gaping ring to prevent you from gaining souls.
How much does being in the heirs of the sun increase the range?
Does being in the heirs of the sun extend the range
Dis much
How much?
How much?


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Truly this was the worst part of this game.
Your opinion was a true blessing to us all. Thank you so very much.
This along with enemies not respaning anymore are the reasons I have yet to play this game at all.
lol. so apparently someone thinks that enemies don't respond... gg
After a certain number of kills, without modifications mind you, enemies will cease to spawn you twit. Anybody that plays for more than an hour can tell you that.
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