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Are they cousins?
When i first saw him in the intro i thought my dog had crapped on my TV... HELP
At least he doesn't have treesticles.


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Well, no one looks pretty after being dead for a millenia or so.
how can he be ugly if he has no face?


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Heh you thought he's hard? The pursuer. There's a bastard
Just beat the last giant for the second time, for the stone axe, I'm level 120 and he is easier then the *****in maced up turtle dudes. I always use the summons when available to offline play.
Yep the giants a big pooss knight class first try heide sword
"I would left it alone"

Well, he has beef with you. He's the last of his species and your ancestors *****ed his race up.
it's the first time that i've played dark souls 2.
saw the last giant for the first time 4 hours ago.
crapped self.
proceed to attempt to kill it multiple times.
accidentally failed to regain my dropped souls on 23rd try.
dies more.
stops playing at the 26th death.
i've yet to kill him.
Dual wield heide knight sword and fire longsword first try, pretty good combo must say
I took me 1 try during my first playthrough of any from software game (as a swordsman, which is supposed to be "harder"). Dodgeroll into his attacks to get to his feet and get ready to dodge back.
6 bloody tries
Why do people always want to one-up others in Dark Souls? I didn't have trouble with the Last Giant but so what if this dude does?
Beat him the first time as a cleric with a mace...
i would left it alone...since it's the last ofit's kind
You think he's hard? Try to kill the fume knight....... You'll break your controller. Btw i defeated the last giant on my 2nd try, i had never seen him before.
Dank souls 2.2
Easiest boss fight in the game IMO.
Church boss is easier tbh
Please the dragondiver is easier...
Last Giant - Hates ankle-biters
What about the one in the court yard that says to examine it but nothing happens?
I got 24,000 souls in NG+ when defeated 1 on 1 with Covetous Silver Serpent Ring (not sure if the ring makes a difference in boss battles, can anyone confirm?)
Serpent ring increases the amount of souls received, Bosses included.


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what if the last giant is the giant lord?

i mean by the time you get to the giant lord the last giant is most likley dead. think about it...
he is the giant lord. he attacks you as the last giant because you killed him in the past
i actually thought the same, they are both tall and thin and the other giants are smaller
His soul description gets reworked in SotFS, and it states that the last giant really is the Giant Lord. Which also explains his rage toward you.
Where's pates summon sign in scholar of the last sin. It's not still out front of the gate.



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You need to first trigger his gate trap then exhaust his dialogue for the summon sign to appear and when it does it's right in front of the boss fight
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