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By Anonymous
It should be noted that it is also the shield that Oscar used in the first dark souls :3 good for a character build
By SkrillerPlaysDark
Not the shield that Oscar used, he used the Crest Shield, as did all elite knights.
By Anonymous
Oscar uses the [Magic] "Crest Shield", so neither the design, stats, or name are similar to "Golden Wing". So, lies & deceit!
By Anonymous
I wish this shield had 100% physical block. That would make it truly a good medium shield. The fact that it lets 40% of physical damage through is why I never use it. It's sad because I love the design. Today I learned that in Dark Souls 3 they gave this shield 100% physical block. I'll always prefer Dark Souls 2 over Dark Souls 3 but DaS3 did a good job by giving this shield 100% phys block.
By Anonymous
Very similar to Arthur's shield from the Ghosts'n'Goblins series
By Anonymous
one of the best looking shields in the game, i just wear it on my back to look cool