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By Anonymous
Its not a fast pure stabby stab spear, its got a pretty versatile combination of moves.
By Anonymous
This is the best spear besides Santiers.
By Anonymous
Well, got nerfed. Now 231 elemental damages after infusion, not 281. If I knew, I wouldn't have spent my Dragon Scales...
By Anonymous
Santiers spear is a halbert
By ThePlayer
It is best to use hit-confirm tactics with this weapon in PvP.
By Anonymous
Elemental infusion damage was seemingly nerfed by 50 in SotFS, from +281 to +231 at +5.
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By bukharajones
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I decided to try this out on NG+ in Frozen Eleum Loyce and wrecked the ice bastards and only had it at +4. I did coat it with dark weapon and dark resin as I progressed, but I got through to the Priestess Eye and the third bonfire without dying, something I never managed on my first play through, where I died over and over again.
By Anonymous
Hell man thats a similar situation with me but i used i think a +8 alonne katana and a +8 uchi when that got to damaged. Yorgh's Spear is a nice weapon though
By Anonymous
Anyone have one left over for a ps4 player in need? :)
Add me on PSN : SkreeVII
By Anonymous
it seems like no one does
By Anonymous
Its a reference tosaint jorge and dragon legend. Why is this not in the wiki?
By Anonymous
The weapon is***** ;) , cheer diversity
By Anonymous
you just suck, its ok to be bad at things
By Anonymous
Does anyone have an extra +5 one? I’m 16 mil soul memory on ps4 My gta is: Snewww
By Anonymous
make one youself like everybody did in this f*kng wiki
By Anonymous
an “extra” +5 Yorgh’s Spear he says...
By Anonymous
everytime i equip yorgh's spear i get this little golden sword and shield symbol, anyone knows what that does
By Anonymous
shield symbol is for defence bonuses that the spear gives, the sword symbol has no effect as far as the wikis know
By Anonymous
The gold sword and shield means reduced equipment degradation if you take the spear off and put the bracing knuckle ring on you’ll see the same symbol