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By Anonymous
Man this isn't a parma. Parma's are round
By Anonymous
Wait, my main shield of choice has a drop chance booster?
By Anonymous
How’ve I never noticed this?
By Anonymous
Haha I’m so glad its not just me! I’m playing this game for the first time in a couple of years and wondering about it
By Anonymous
This thing is crazy. Can carry you from Sl~15 after somehow killing the wyvern and it'll take you to, in my experience, at least Sl150+ through all DLCs
By Anonymous
This is my favorite shield so far at SL160. 90% physical is pretty good. The high well-rounded elemental defenses are worth it. The item discovery is great, your drop rates in practice will be almost as good as Jester's Hat + Watchdragon Parma + Rusted Coin. Let's say normal drop is ~20% kills of a specific enemy, I would get ~35% with this shield, and ~45% with stacking item discovery items.

You can get this pretty early in the game in SOTFS, just get to Heide's Tower of Flame straight from Pursuer fight, struggle a bit with the knights (use a strike weapon like ~Mace+5), lure the big-a$$ dragon closer to the middle of the platform and kill with a bow from down the stairs. Dragon can be poisoned if you're impatient. There ya go use this awesome shield for the other half of the game and upgrade it primarily for more shield poise and physical defense.
By Anonymous
DO NOT SNIPE the red dragon when he is standing on the ledge
down him to a last shot, let him do an attack, he goes back to the middle
then shoot him the last time
By Anonymous
You can just reload your save for any dropped items.
By Anonymous
I learned this the hard way recently . . . honestly, how was I meant to know that would happen?
By JMcMillen
Does anyone know if the item drop increase works when the shield is on your back (i.e. when using a bow or two handing a weapon)?
By Anonymous
Yes as long as its equipped and 'out' meaning on back or in hand. Equip shield and look at your buffs. See how the buff stays even when the shield is on back? :)
By Anonymous
Yes. I've been using this shield 90% of my first playthrough and I definitely get more drops with it on my back or in hand, whereas if I unequip it the drop rate is noticably lower. I am not sure if pulling out a different weapon on the shield hand will take away the buff... I would guess it needs to be in hand or on back.
By Anonymous
Is there a way to confirm that this does, in fact, increase item drop? Or is that just flavor text?
By Anonymous
Yes this shield increases the drop rate you could understand it from gold thing in your screen which also happens when you equip covetous gold serpent ring.
By Anonymous
In SOFS the item discovery buff sign appears when you equip it. Tested it out and made sure it was the only item discovery equipment I had on at the time.
By Anonymous
I get a ton more lifegems, armor pieces, and souls. This shield is quite useful if you want to passively grind enemy armor sets.