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Got eem!!
I dont insertando :v Im brazilian ( ; _ ; )
Great for both fashion souls to have on your back with a big 2 hander eg. Dragons tooth, while also making enemies drop items more often. This buff will appear as a symbol below the stamina bar
Honestly the Clerics starting robe and this shield is giving me srs fashion souls
this shields infusions are broken. though i love it... does From still update the game?
How broken?
But does the item discorvery stack with, say, another parma shield?
Sniping at the dragon made the shield drop into the ocean for me, and it doesn't show up in the Dragon Shrine chest in SotFS.
Tough luck, use a bonfire ascetic, plus sniping the dragon isn't the proper way to fight him, just run up to him super fast and roll and you won't get hit by the fire then it's super easy to gank him
There is no "proper" way to fight him. If they didn't want you sniping, they wouldn't have included bows, crossbows, and the hawk ring in the game. Killing from a distance is just as legit as melee.
Understand the point of the comment thread before you try to contribute guys, come on.
I didn't received it from the chest, I don't have it in the Did anyone else got it from the chest?
If you have the Scholar of the First Sin edition, you should receive the shield after killing the Dragon in Heide's tower of flame.
Best shield ever.
This shield was damn amazing for my mage, i dont even care that it doesn't reduce %100 physical damage, it has worked wonders for me
I expected it to be really statistically bad given its purpose as a loot item, but it's probably one of the best rounded medium shields. Perfect for playing semi-defensive without relying on turtling