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barely readable - needs revision
barely readable - needs revision
barely readable - needs revision
perfectly readable - need glasses
cant get it
I think its only new game+, that's when i got it.
try looking outside the shed behind the first bonfire, there should be a mimic, thats where I got it.
where do you get the malformed skull on the xbox one version scholar of the 1st sin?
As far as i know, the Malformed Skull is behind a locked door in Aldia's Keep. You have to bait one of the ogres to the door, stand with your back to the door and then roll out of the way just in time, so that the ogre will hit the door instead, smashing it. The door in question is the large door down the hallway on the way to the Guardian Dragon, which cannot be opened.
Because the move set is so slow, and the weapon has no scaling, is becomes useless around NG++, so I would recommend not taking the time to get it, or waste resources upgrading it. A lightning infused greatsword+10 with high faith hits extremely hard, and is a wonder in both pvp and pve, because of the large arc-swings. I have killed tonnes of other players with the greatsword, simply because it has so much reach that it is very hard getting out of the way in time. The extreme damage and reach more than makes up for lack of speed. And if you are in close quarter combat, you can just 2hand the sucker, which changes the standard attack to a vertical slash. If you have the levels to spare, I would also recommend powerstancing the majesti greatsword (left hand) with any greatsword. The secondary (parry) attack is a 3-hit combo which deals insane damage and knocks foes to the ground. The majestic greatsword is awesome in pvp because the moveset is so hard to predict.
I got it in Aldia's keep, before you enter the building there is a wooden shack in which there is a bonfire, go further left and back and you will find a chest that is a mimic, it dropped this weapon for me.


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hittin' like a truck if used raw or infused (dark, fire, magic or lightning) + weapon enchantment
Just saying some updatin' is needed, I found this on a corpse in Aldia's keep (near first bonfire) and it inflicts bleeding....
Looks like gaping dragon...
I have this infused with magic, and for some reason the damage isn't going up when I level intelligence. Does anyone know why? (It has a C in intelligence scaling rn)
Intelligence adds scaling, not magic. Idiot.
in both 1, 3 and blood born doesnt work the same as this game don't call him an idiot for having a perfectly reasonable question
Stop calling people idiot.toxic trash.