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It's in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.
And in heides tower of flame
And in heides tower of flame
That's actually a shard, not the bone dust.
"They say these are the remains of a saint who cast himself into the bonfire."

Possible reference to one of DS endings ?
could be. or maybe it was a really buffed up undead that killed 4 great ones or something. or maybe just a regular saint that got affected by the curse. doesnt really matter all to much, and how would gwynn/chosen undead's remain have that power anyway?
It's actually a reference to what would become the Lords of Cinder in Dark Souls 3
perhaps it was paladin leroy.
Could possibly be a reference to the Chosen Undead, though it might also be referring to Gwyn.
Wait for it... you can get a max of 5 of these boneshards... and there are 5 LoC in DS3
What are you saying man. Tell me were i went insane when i saw the comment and now i dont know haha
Is it just me or does the healing process goes really slow once you get one of these my estus is currently +4 and I can only use it 6 times
By like .1 seconds for each. But worth the health. I beleive adaptability makes using items fast. Very under appreciated skill.
I agree with the adaptability being useful. l I am currently rocking 23 adaptability which I think is ds3 rolling frames and it's great.


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Agility is hard capped at 120


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Is it only me that picked up an Estus Flask Shard where there was supposed to be Sublime Bone Dust in the passageway to No-Man's Wharf?


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On the alcove "fence", just behind the big enemy, there was the Estus Flask Shard. In the iron chest, there was the Knight Set.
On your way to no man's warf, before you take the elevator down, the sublime bone dust is to the left, past the Syan Knight in a small alcove, iron chest.
these are diferent if you have the dlc i think
For the one in the Gutter in SOTFS, I might be wrong, but I think that area is technically the Grave of Saints?

It's right after the Rat NPC. You drop down those ledges to the bridge. Closest bonfire is the one right before the Rat mob boss.

Pretty sure "The Gutter" doesn't display on-screen until you get past that little shanty-town-like structure with broken ladders and then enter the little cave. Can't get to the dust from any of the Gutter bonfires.
It’s actually the pit. You can get to the chest without passing through grave of saints, just go all the way down the pit.
I agree that it's not quite in The Gutter and you're right that you can't get to it from any bonfires. Has to be Grave of Saints or Majula. Maybe a small clarification to say "Before The Gutter"?
In SotFS, there’s a sublime bone dust after defeating the Dragonrider and descending into the split-level hallway. On the lower level, take a left and it will be in an iron chest guarded by a knight.