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By Anonymous
While Darkdrift and Chaos Blade are good, I think this here takes the cake for best Dex weapon in the game. It's close distance damage is brutal, Seppuku lets you wield a veritable nuke, and it's durability with Ashen Knuckle +2 is very manageable.

I 4 shotted Old Dragonslayer with it after using Seppuku on NG+2 :)
By Anonymous
Came here to reminisce the times when seppuku wasn't broken OP.

I wish Elden Ring took notes from DS2's PvP balance.
By Anonymous
This absolutely does not use the Berserker Blade moveset. It has a unique moveset.
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By Anonymous
Heresy. Sephiroth blade is more like the Washing pole than this.
By Anonymous
an easy way to mitigate the self damage is : start fight with life ring on -> seppuku > remove life ring