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Although most people don't realize this the Bewitched Alonne Sword is a great contender for bleed. It gains a nice amount of base with a nice scaling, useful for the long range of the blades. And only loses 29 base AR. Which is really insignificant when compared to other bleed based weapons. It should also be noted that a normal +5 version can be buffed with a bleed serum even furthering the bleed buildup.
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I'm losing considerably more than 29 AR with a bleed infusion, but a temporary buff with the Bleed Serum sounds like a fantastic suggestion. My thanks.
It's 29 base AR, you have to remember that as you scale a sword up it increases the AR based off this original base; so at +5 you are losing a decent amount more than 29.
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>Raw removes all scaling >Has D scaling
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pls no,not a katana Nagamaki,mix between Naginata and no-dachi,Oda Nobunaga very liked it,also high elves from lotr
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That...that's literally what a Nagamaki is. A nodachi/daikatana blade with a hilt closer to a naginata
How to use Seppuku attack on PC?
Two hand and press L2.
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In case anyone else has that question, it's double clicking left mouse button or binding the left handed strong attack to a key.
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I use controller on pc
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beautiful design.
When the weapon is infused it actually keeps S scaling so someone needs to fix that (it says it gets C scaling when infused)