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By Anonymous
Why tf do would someone need both int and faith to use this? It doesn't even have the the power stab that sends weak hollows flying
By Anonymous
Black Knight Greatsword is:
an Ultra Greatsword in DS1
a Greatsword in DS2
an Ultra Greatsword in DS3

DS2 protagonist has the most strength confirmed
By Anonymous
Based on appearances, Black Knight Greatsword in DS2 looks like Black Knight Sword (which is a greatsword) in DS1, so they actually have the same strength.
By Anonymous
lol, a monkey along one of the paths in the shaded woods dropped this. Was like whaatttt. So those are called kobolds here
By Anonymous
best weapon in the game for me
played DS1 DS2 and DS3 with it
By Anonymous
This requires 28 str not 20. I play sotfs on ps4 and confirmed it in game
By Anonymous
I’ve played thru this masterpiece of a game like 30 times and this is one of my top 5 favorite weapons. Feels great to use and has respectable damage and stagger.
By Anonymous
Chaos Flame Black Knight Great Sword. What rings you got B itch ?
By Anonymous
Ring of blades +2 Chloranty ring +2 royal soldier ring +2 and third dragon ring health stamina endurance everything you could ever want!
By Anonymous
Ring of thorns +2 brother!
By Anonymous
Force edge is that you?
By Anonymous
I thought the same, even as soon as I got it I said, it looks a lot like the force edge, this weapon will be the one I will use for the rest of the game hahahaha
By Anonymous
It’s the black knight greatsword. I don’t really need to say how great it is. Continue scrolling.
By Anonymous
Once you go black you never go back
By Anonymous
black Knights serving a Lord of Light named White in Welsh.
It checks out.
By Anonymous
White people when they say the n word lmao
By Anonymous
Mutt's Law.
By Anonymous
Mutt’s law confirmed