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When I got this sword it was +5 but I can't upgrade it via blacksmithing... How can I upgrade it?
+5 is the max
What are the requeriments? I think it change from one version to other.
In the PS3 are still 20/20/8/12
yo nigga this greatsword is one of the best
wassup my fellow black knigga
Did you just assume my Weapon Class?!
Required stats: 28/20/12/12 Fully upgraded
Great for PVP and pyro builds. Gotta love the moveset!
Best greatsword ever and it has an awesome attack range for finishing off multiple foes at once like a total Badass. Highly Recommended for Greatsword players :)
requires 28 str, it says 20, can someone change it?
If the stats has changed in between the original and the scholar of the first sin edition the stats will be that of the original but the newer stats will be mentioned in the notes


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It requires 28 str in the original.
What the ***** is a lunge attack? Wiki was written by someone who didn't *****ing play the game
a lunge attack is when you do a heavy attack while moving forwards slightly so your character jumps and attacks. its useful when people try to parry a lot because it cant be parried. it also does a nice bit of extra damage.
To be exact a Lunge Attack can be preformed every time you fall off a ledge and/or do the certain button combination, when falling off a ledge do a Light or Heavy attack to preform a Lunge Attack, to Lunge Attack on the ground, Simply press forwards and Heavy Attack.
it a fugin jump attack why isn't it called a jump attack.
it is called a jumping attack AND a lunge attack
Sounds like someone needs to buy a dictionary
It's 28 strength. I'm looking at it now.
That's only sotfs