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It says both
1m is how much it was tested with and how much souls you would usually have, 109m is the cap
why is everything always great swords ;-;
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its a size comparison, you don't go around fighting bugs with a toothpick do you? no, you use a giant *****ing hammer. so it stands to reason giant bosses would use giant *****ing swords to fight bug sized players
hehe especially in bed
Because dark souls
Because bigger is better apparently.
so basically the sword is a piece of *****...great

there I was thinking I was gonna be going around one shotting stuff like King Ven-*****head...
Git gud
Well if scythe of want doesn't oneshot people, why should this one 1hit kill people.
The article says the cap for the max amount of damage is at 1 million but then talks about what the damage is at 10 million. What's the actual cap?
1 million
the actual cap is 1 million, but he used 10 million just to be sure that the damage is capped out.
Does this mean your soul level or the amount of souls that you currently have collected?
amount of souls collected, not on soul memory
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Right, so King Vendrick hired Llewellyn, a Mirrah blacksmith, could he be the creator of the Ruler's Sword? I mean, it shares the same movesett and is otherwise not too far off the Mirrah Greatsword.

The Mirrah Greatsword description reads; "Greatsword issued to the proud knights of Mirrah's official order. This one was wielded by Lucatiel.
This greatsword demands advanced skill in a rare and unique sword technique." possibly meaning that if Vendrick wielded this blade (Ruler's Sword) properly, he would fight in the style of the Mirrah knights? That also goes to back up the idea that Llewellyn made the sword. And its no secret that Vendrick was involved with Mirrah (see Nimble Shadows) so what would really stop him from learning the Mirrah way of the sword? Could this also be the reason only Vendrick could hire Llewellyn, as he was desperate enough to hire him at whatever the cost? Needing a blade worthy of his name?

This is pure speculations though, and it may just be completely wrong.
in a game with soul memory this must be the worst weapon imaginable.
This sword is ****.