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What happens if this is simultaneously worn with the white ring, which makes a human appear as a phantom? Does the effect only apply when you are a phantom while the white ring only works when you are human?
I think he meant that when you're human the white ring works but while you're a phantom the living ring works.
When you are a real phantom the ring of the living works but when you are a real phantom the white ring works
I fought through those crystal horse ******* for this?
why are you repeating yourself


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why not try it?
Haven't tested, but based on how rings behave I would assume the game would inform you that you are already wearing a ring that conflicts with the one you are trying to equip.
When you are a real phantom the ring of the living works but when you are a real phantom the white ring works
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the white ring overrides the ring of the living so you look like a white phantom


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It depends which ring you put on first, if you first equip the Ring of the Living and then White Ring, chances are you are still going to look like a white phantom, vice versa, White Ring first, then Ring of the Living, you'll probably look human
Do you need the dlc in order to get it?


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yes genius...
Yes you need the DLC, unless someone drops the ring for you.
I got this ring before the dlc what is its other location?
No you didn't.
I just got it from saving the siren girl(I think she's a siren) behind keyblade door so yes it's available before dlc
Different ring m8
That is the ring of the dead. It reverts your hollowed appearance to human but Not your hollowed status.
Best item for Fashion Souls
So when you will be phantom you wont be red right?