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By Anonymous
If you’re having trouble kiting him and find your companion dying before the boss. Use the red eye ring. He’ll be dead when your summon is about half dead. Just kite them both
By Anonymous
Used katana and had a problem with it bouncing off his shield.

Switched it to left hand and this became less of a problem.

Gotta love how flexible equipment in this game is.
By Anonymous
He didn't summon another player thankfully and thus was a complete pushover for me
By Anonymous
Literally Champion Gundyr
By Anonymous
Way weaker than Gundyr
By Anonymous
Doesn't really make sense to say that when Champion Gundyr didn't even exist when this guy was around
By Anonymous
One of the coolest bosses of the game, really made a lasting impression on me with a fair fight.
By Anonymous
Just realized he looks like The Penitent from Blasphemous
By Anonymous
Yeah, but it's a reference to king Baldwin the fourth from the movie with the thorns of jesus, also some catholic priest have silver armor and practice self flagellation so it could also be that.
By DarkSoulofMan
Some day I'm going to try cosplaying as the looking glass knight and getting summoned to this fight, I'll just be his little brother or something.
By Anonymous
Played ds2 late and didn't know about the summoning mechanics. Plus my SM is too high.

Guess I missed out
By Anonymous
Man I missed out on everything pvp wide in this game because of soul memory. Such *******. Can't even have a friend drop me some effigies. I need effigies!
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By Karla
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THIS is how you do a pvp boss correctly. Halflight never deserved to be in the ringed city
By Anonymous
Fun, and one of the tougher boss fights in the game
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