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By Anonymous
How is he resistant to lightning? He’s covered in metal in pouring rain lmao
By Anonymous
He's also immune to bleed... but not poison for some reason. How can a being without flesh be immune to bleed but not poison?
By Anonymous
Best boss in ds2, can't lie.
By Anonymous
Fume Knight, Sir Alonne and Burnt Ivory King: "Are we jokes to you?"
By Anonymous
April 11 anon, I think the author was talking about basegame bosses. The ones you mentioned are DLC bosses
By Anonymous
One of the few bosses who actually uses his shield for it's purpose for you know, shielding himself? *COUGH COUGH, DRAGONSLAYER ARMOUR, COUGH COUGH*
By Anonymous
Going behind him when he does lighting DOES NOT WORK. He spins around while striking with lightning swing and it hits you behind him
By Anonymous
Weirdly reminiscent of Tigris of Gaul
By Anonymous
So far this is the only battle where the boss shield mattered.
By Anonymous
Did he summon after certain time or after certain amount of damage?
By Anonymous
I did not know that he could summon another guy while there is already one fighting.
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