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What happened to the calculator? It's all white now and you can't even see the items or anything.
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Well, after about 6 hours of trying to play with my friend, he doesn't see summon signs unless he restarts his game from the menu, then he can summon me, I can help him, I can't see his sign no matter what we do. I am at a loss. Yes, I am human, I am in no covenant whatsoever, neither is he, we tried with the ring basically with every god, we are around 10k soul memory apart... I have no idea what to do anymore. If anyone has any fix I would love that. If not.. I guess we need to skip DS2

( P.S. Scholar of the first sin. Yes we are both on it. )
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when someone doesn't see summon signs until a game restart is because he is softbanned, this happened to one of my friends until we ended up all softbanned
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I just confirmed that I invaded someone 7 tiers higher than me using a red eye orb + being in the brotherhood of blood covenant. Idk if this is common knowledge ?
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This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen, FS definitely dropped the ball with this co op. I'm just trying to play with a friend and can never summon or be summoned because his a games that's level 36 and soul memory of 50000 and I'm level 26 with a soul memory of 7000, this is absolute dog sh!t
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Yeah. Wish the dev's would come back for like 1 day and greatly expand the matchmaking ranges so this game can thrive more. And adding password matchmaking would be nice too
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how in the world are you level 26 with 7k soul memory
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bruh there servers were down
By Anonymous
1) name engraved and 2) clearly bullshitting with the SM and LVL
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By Sir Kody
------ 2022 Guidelines for summoning your friends ------ {From simplest questions to most complex}
A. Is the Host Human? [ Always have an effigy spare in your Item Box! ]
B. Does the Host have a Human Effigy Effect? [ Nullify this at the Bonfire ]
C. Does the Host have the Name Engraved Ring equipped with the correct God?
D. Taking into consideration the circumstances with C, are all parties within range?
E. Are any parties in a covenant which prohibits multiplayer play?
F. Is the Host accidentally Offline? [ Bloodstains and Messages are easy to identify ]
G. Is anyone softbanned? Are your games completely updated?
* I have done some testing with friends, and it seems the wiki has the Name Engraved Ring + Small White Sign barely off, as I have been able to be summoned by friends 7 tiers away. This has not been fully confirmed, but by anecdotal evidence, this has happened to me
* Using a Trash character recently, I murdered every NPC in order to get items to give to my friend as a reward for helping me bridge some important items... I could not be summoned to him, and I notice in the top left, a grey blob (kind of looked like a Cracked Eye Orb) with a red line over it. This must mean accumulating Sin temporarily locks you out of Co-Op play, as just before doing this, I was able to be summoned. I was capable of summoning him though, we met all of my requirements, but perhaps there is a hidden letter H here, does the host have this symbol in their top left corner, directly under their stamina bar.

I will continue to verify this, I hope this helps someone.
By Anonymous
Im trying to play with someone on sotfs, we are 4 levels apart and our soul memory are about like 1 to 3 thousand apart. we also have the name-engraved ring, is it the servers or is it something else?
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If your soul memory is that close there should be no problem with matchmaking. Make sure you're in the same region, or that region restrictions are disabled. Also make sure the summoner is alive (not hollowed) and you both chose the same "religion" when you equip the name-engraved ring. Check the bonfire you are closest to for an option labelled "Nullify Human Effigy's Effect"; if that option is available, you need to select it to enable summoning in the area. And, don't be afraid to wait a couple minutes.

If none of that works, you're probably looking at a connection/server issue.
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Soul Memory I think works perfectly fine in regards to invasions. But I'd say a Password matchmaking system for Co-op or summoned PvP would've been better, since I'm sure a lot of co-op sessions had to be done with care since going about 600k over a friend (cuz you are farming for a specific armor-set/weapon) would force you to wait for them to catch up.

Frankly, DS3 using matchmaking based on Level and Weapon Enhancement is the best, and even if you used Password Matchmaking between a level 30 host and level 200 phantom, the latter would be scaled down in stats to only be relatively level ~50 in power.
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its lazy
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From the range calculator the tiers are 45 not 44. Is it true? I'm 500.000.000 soul memory and I can't invade a friend which is 75.000.000 but he can invade me
By Anonymous
make sure you are on the same console and ds2 moatchmaking is **** XD
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