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By Anonymous
Straid: You need to feed on the humanity of other humans.
Me: Wat !?
By Anonymous
Straid is the man. It's no wonder they locked him away, considering what a magnificent snob he is, but that's part of why I love him. He's never anything but helpful and informative, and the fact that he reacts to having outlived his homeland by at least an age as if he accidentally put his shirt on backwards is darkly hilarious. Maybe the people of Olaphis didn't appreciate you, Straid, but I do. Thanks for the spells.
By Anonymous
Petrified for countless years.
Rescued by a traveling warrior.
Insults warrior for not stupidly investing in a stat he'll never use.
Sells an intelligence-boosting ring, but won't let the warrior buy it.
By Anonymous
is there any way for him not to insult you as you're leaving ? he makes me sad :(
By Anonymous
Tsundere Wizard Man
By Anonymous
Here, eat this!
By Anonymous
*dying snake noises*
By Anonymous
It IS Frampt!
By Anonymous
Oh good to see you Frampt!
By Anonymous
Always happy to see happy souls still being referenced
By Anonymous
Hah hah very good very good indeed...
By officegossip
Easy early game soul farm around him if you’re a sorcerer. Bought all his stuff this way.
By Anonymous
It's good to see ya Frampt!
By Anonymous
Silly iron golem go back to your pit.
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By Gilligan
A pit you say ? If you show some generosity, I can get ya a ladder.