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As I am a guest I can not edit the page though I can post this in the hopes someone does as I would rather not create an account just for this. Anyways, at a certain point, pretty much the very beginning, the wiki says that the guide is wrong about something it doesn't actually say, and yes I am being a whiny little idiot but I can't stop this from bugging me just a bit too much, because the guide mentions the little piglet that has a 1/1000 chance of spawning in reference to getting the pickaxe. Now the problem with this is that the guide never says that ONLY the piglet will do to get the pickaxe so, and this is what I believe, I can only assume that the guide was written in such a way that people would ASSUME that the piglet was needed and suffer since it never says that the piglet is the only way and it would seem to fit From's 'personality'. Sorry about this, essentially, useless post.
Actually the big ones can do it to.


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Okay so, a mini quest was meant to get this weapon? First, that is really dumb seeing as it's a friggin' pickaxe. Secondly, I think it should be a common drop from the phantom that you fight just before the other Cathedral. Finally, why?
Actually the big ones can do it to.
I think the little pig is a myth actually. No one I asked has ever seen the pigget. And the fact you can do it with big pigs...
Lenigrast's Key= Majula Blacksmiths door

Key to the Embedded Sword= Melfinato Cage top of Drangleic Castle.

Crushed Eye Orb= Licia of Lindeldt.

Pig to Mushrooms in a mining community= Pickaxe...?

Pickaxe= ????????? WHAT??? give it to a npc or enemy? or use it to find rare item like pig??
I may be wrong but i trink the Pickaxe is also a Drop from an enemy. I have one with my First charakter and I surely did NOT Do an of this. Maybe it is a Different one though. Just though i should Inform You. Feel free to Delete this Comment if i am wrong.
Extremely rare drop from kobolds I believe


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I can confirm the last post made, I got the pickaxe and didn't followed any of this. Maybe its a drop from an enemy..
Yes it's a possible drop from the pickaxe wielding red phantom that is in the the final room before the giant room with all of the spiderweb walkways before dukes dear freya. When you walk into that that rom in the very back is two levers one on the left and one in the right. The left holds a the ladder to the next room, but the right holds the pickaxe red phantom and so3 homework bones
I think this is wrong info that it doesn't benefit from the Old Leo Ring. Other wikies say it DOES and I did a little test by myself.
Dude, who the **** was the first one to figure this out? This is like some real boredomx100 discovery kind of stuff.
It was located in the official game guide


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I could swear I have gotten it off of the invader in the area. I know I had it once because I tried it out but I have never done any of that.
There's got to be another way to get a pick axe. This stuff is impossible
did it on my first try without clearing the enemys before. only thing you gotta be careful is when you wanna make it fall of a ledge. make sure youre as close to the ledge as possible and wait for the pig to attack then jump off yourself. its attack makes it charge forward a bit, enough to clear any small gaps. (from the church go down left to the house where the 2 npcs are fighting, the gap is the smallest after that youre pretty much in the clear) only thing i wonder is why this thing exists in the first place. weapon is total*****, swings like a hammer but with no range no damage cant put any magic on it. you might say the weapon is to show off but show off what? that youre a nerd like me? lol