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I just got mine and it is already infused with dark
On my guy dark infusion has a better damage output
In a quality build, infusion is not worth it. I have it in +4, an with 35 dex and 35 str, and infusing it only gives me 8 more AR, getting from 291 to 299.
If you mean you JUST got it from the Weaponsmith and it already does dark damage, it means that it has a natural dark damage ability but you can still infuse it. So if you infused it with dark then it would increase that damage and make it much more powerful.
It depends on what you value more. My guy has 30/30 Int/Fth and 50 Dex. Uninfused I get ~367 AR, infused ~395 AR, even with high Dex infused still yields more AR. But most of it is elemental, which I personally like, 'cause chips well through shields and I can still cast Dark Weapon on it.
no, it is now already infused, it just has some dark damge by default.


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This thing seems best used elegantly with counter punching. It sometimes feels like a cross between a spear and a long sword, and when it's just one opponent, that r2 counter *****s folks up. But against mobs, well... you'd better be good at managing your movement.
Even with S scalling, it's not all that good to a pure dex build. You're better of using a katana, curved dragon greatsword or Black Knight halberd
Why would you use a dark scaling weapon on a pure dex build anyway?
I don't know if this got nerfed or what, but it's got crap damage. Comes with dark damage, yet when infused with dark the scaling does not increase. When fully upgraded and not infused, at 60 dex, even though it claims to have S scaling, my normal +9 dagger does more damage. Really horrible weapon. I can find no use for it, so it goes in buried in the box. However, it's easy to find, all you need to do is sort by attack and at +5 it's located near the bottom close to the completely un-upgraded ladle and parry dagger. Do not waste your time with this weapon.
Lol uh wut? This weapon is a beast, I use it for everything from ng+ to giant lord farming. With dark/resonant weapon and high dex its a monster and has a great moveset
Dear god the damage on this is crap.
Not if you dark infuse it and buff with dark weapon.
No wonder why Velstadt beated Raime
As if anybody would choose this over the FUGS...
"For Dex dedicated hexers..." Thats not a thing. If you are dumping a lot of points into dex, you wont be a hexer. All those valuable souls go into Int/Faith/At and whatever Vig/End you can squeeze out.
that's if you're planning on staying low level, at level 200 you can easily fit some dex in.
Only if you are staying at low level.

It still amazes me how in DS series there are many weapons which need high level to work well but some peoples hate to level up beyond 100-150.
Dude if you only cast spells without melee, then I'm sorry, your playing this game wrong. I can't imagine how boring fights must be with only spells. You're one of those people who spam soul arrow until somethings dies, aren't you. Granted you can do only spells a little easier in dark souls 2, considering how dex doesn't affect cast speed. But you also have way more levels in dark souls 2, you can fit in by at least 100
Everything's fair in dark souls except trainers