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By Anonymous
To me, it looks like this is right after gwyn and the gang came through and killed everything. The gray dull landscape looks like that in the opening cinematic for the first game. The archtrees look like some were blown apart by gwyn's lightning. And since this would be another everlasting dragon, it would seem only fit that a similar weapon would come from it.
By michaeldpgd
How can I respawn the dragon soul? Bonfire ascetic not work.
By Anonymous
That's exactly what I was thinking as i entered, they said that in the beginning everything was grey, this must have been one of the first casualties of gwyn's crusade
By Anonymous
Absolutely correct
By Anonymous
What if that gray landscape is actually Majula on a veeeeeeery distant past? I know, I'm basing this on something that was a glitch of sorts, but hey, before life itself existed, the everlasting dragons were already there, so it could be.
By themeridianvase
Considering that in Dark Souls III you can leave items/soapstone notes in the current Firelink Shrine and see them in the Untended Graves Firelink Shrine this might not be too far off. Who knows, FromSoft does a lot of weird***** that seems unnecessarily complex. Lol
By Anonymous
True, I mean the Dragon Aerie isn’t all THAT far from Majula anyway
By Anonymous
Heres a weirdly scary reaction i got from dragon memories, try leaving or dropping 8 Fading soul at Majula's statue (where blue covenant guy sits) and place them like making a square-shaped form. After that back to dragon memories at the tseldora mines. go to the far right and look up. there will be a floating unidentifed objects at the skies. Don't ask me why or how i noticed this..
By Anonymous
You know it because of a youtube video
By Anonymous
But who or what is powerful enough to PETRIFY an Ancient Dragon? I am curious to know who did it
By Anonymous
You probably wouldn't want to know
By Anonymous
The Ancient Dragons were made of stone. They were never "alive", and they never had souls; at least, according to Dark Souls 1 lore (dragons having souls in DS2 makes no sense and is just one of many instances in which the lore gets warped due to the games having different writers). In any case, the dragon wasn't "petrified", it was just dead; killed by Gywn, the other Lords and the Silver Knights.
By Anonymous
The ancient dragons actually did gain souls, oct 2017 anon, after the age of fire started, they gained souls, so now no other real "dragons" were born. Most of the dragons we see in dark souls and dark souls 2 are actually drakes or wyverns, which have souls and are decendents of dragons as a side affect of the everlasting dragons having souls.
By Anonymous
Seath had a soul.
By Anonymous
Seath was given a part of Gwyn's soul (I think) and was born... different...
By Anonymous
probably the first player who set a message down saying "try finger but hole"
By Anonymous
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Hold the ***** up now.

What on earth is going on with these notes? The mere act of using your eyes should be enough to tell anyone what all is wrong here.

For instance: if it looks nothing like the Stone Dragon of Ash Lake, then it probably isn't the Stone Dragon of Ash Lake.

If the area looks different from Ash Lake, then it probably isn't Ash Lake.

There is no shrine in Ash Lake. There's a dragon on a nest.

This is absurd. This is fanfiction-tier speculation going on here.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Who wrote these notes lol
By Anonymous
ur mum
By Anonymous
I'm surprised no one noticed what's going on here. The memory takes place in the Age of Ancients, shortly after the Dragons start to die. The Age of Ancients is described as 'Grey and barren with nothing but grey crags and huge archtrees and the dragons." Here, we see, Grey Crags, Huge Archtrees, and a dead Dragon. The Dragon was likely killed as Humanity started to gain strength. That's also why there's a sun, but everything is still pretty bleak and grey since the Age of Ancients is changing to the Age of Fire.
By Anonymous
Not humanity, but the gods and their followers rose to power.
By Anonymous
This leapt into my mind immediately. Didn't even think of the ideas posited above.
By Anonymous
ahh... makes sense
By Anonymous
Correct. Except for the Humanity part. Humanity is linked with the Dark and humans, not the Lords of Gwyn, the Witch of Izalith, or Nito. The Furtive Pygmy is linked to it as they were likely the first of the coming mortal races of humans and pygmies. From my understanding, the first sign of Humanity came from the Pygmy's Lord Soul, the Dark Soul while Gwyn and the others used other powers from their Lord Souls. Gwyn betrayed the "pygmies" directly after the war against the dragons to stave off the coming Age of Dark (these events could still be thousands of years apart of course) and likely stole the Dark Soul in the process to begin the perverse lengthening of the Age of Fire via the Undead "Curse" as him and his followers put it. When in reality of course, it's just the birthright and eventuality of Humanity, humans, and the world entire to become Undead and filled with Dark.
By Anonymous
Ash Lake was a beautiful place back in DS1. It hurts to see it like this.
By Anonymous
The description isnt curious it describes the dragon in a dragon shrine so dead one is propably the one aldia used to make his copie