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I have beaten this game so many times. I have put over 1.5k hours into it. I had no idea this area existed.
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1.5k? Why…
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I think this is the dragon that hung out with the primordial crystal before death betrayed them and stole it. Why? Because it's obviously tied to seethe. It's also said the tseldorians were excavating the corpse of the dragon. There are crystals everywhere. We know that crystal sorcery and freja reminds me of the seath fight in some ways. However ash for some reason has some attributes related to dragons thematically. Ashen mist heart, ash lake. The fact everything has an ashy haze or fog over it in the primordial world. Apparently drangleic is oolacile according to straid. But... Remember the characters in dark souls very much fall under unreliable narrator. So the statement "everlasting dragons have no souls" is not provable. In theory until the lord souls were found in the first flame, no one even had the ability to comprehend souls on that level of existence. (Hehe and now to playfully refer to game mechanics.) If you can kill it, it gives souls. ;) Anyway I just think it may be important to remember the mystery of never fully knowing the world, but being able to piece together enough to have some understanding of the worlds past and present, is a huge part of the lores allure.

In other words don't trust the narrator either.

Sorry I got off topic. Here is my theory.

The ancient dragon is a golden, with a powerful soul stuck in it, so that it doesn't have to be activated.
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Death is seathe, golden is golem, I think the ancient dragon is a golem, I think the emerald herald is his only success making a dragon person thing.
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This is obviously Seeth's memory of when he betrayed his own kind and killed a dragon.
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Had the same bug with loot laying at the majula bonfire lol
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I don't think the dragon referred to in the soul description is the one you find in the memory. I think it's referring to the one in the shrine at the Dragon Aerie, or at least the true dragon that was there originally before Aldia decided to start messing around and installed the Ancient "Dragon".
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I can't beat this area, I'm giving up
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