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By Anonymous
In SotFS, the Stone Knights in Drangleic Castle don't come to life with this ring on, but will still activate and attack you if you hit them regardless.
By Anonymous
The one ring to rule them all.
By Anonymous
In Dragon Shine, the soldiers (except for the giant soldiers) are bowing to you if you're wearing the King's Ring.
By Anonymous
they seem to bow with or without the ring, its like respect towards your fight with the giant soldiers. They turm aggro if u run away from the giant soldiers tho
By Anonymous
they bow to you either way
By Anonymous
I talked to the ladder guy in majula with the ring on and he gave me his scimitar. Leningrast gave me a hammer also.
By Anonymous
They'll give you theit weapons or items if you spend enough souls to them. For example, you spend 10000 souls to lenigrast, he will give you his hammer.
By Anonymous
In king's field 4 you also needed this to progress in the game lol
By Anonymous
I was looking for DS2 equivalent of DS3's Knight Ring. +5 Strength
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By Sev6262
Never knew it adds fire damage
By Anonymous
..."(The ring is not needed for this)".... Wow thanks....
By Anonymous
Yeah, its not clear. You have to own the ring, but you don't need to wear it.
By Anonymous
In SotFS, I just learned that talking to the old firekeeper with 94 or above Human Effigies in inventory causes the box to appear that says she is giving you 6, and your inventory is full. I sat at bonfire and moved 10 HE to storage. Returned to talk to her, and successfully received the 6 effigies. Thankfully the game didn't decide to say "ya missed yer chance, sonny!"
By Anonymous
We souls vets beat this game 8 years ago you're on your first playthrough noob beat it you're not wanted
By Anonymous
"We souls vets..."

We souls vets welcome you to our fold and hope you will git gudeth. The wanker saying you are not wanted is probably a twink that when losing to underleveled players turns to hax to win.
By Anonymous
Yeah I just came here to tell the troglodyte who calls himself a “souls vet”; Please go get help, seriously there’s no need for you to act that way. And to the OP we welcome you with open arms!
By Anonymous
Praise the sun! Glory to the rat king!
By Anonymous
Is there not a page for the King's Doors?