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Drangleic Castle King's Door:

Forest of Fallen Giants King's Door:

Shaded Woods King's Door:'s+Keep
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Seems like it functions as a stronger version of the red eye ring for giants. I was going through the giant memories and popped this on to see if the soldiers would stop attacking me. What ended up happening was the giant dropped what they were doing and headed straight towards me. rn I haven't seen if the soldiers would still attack me yet.
By Anonymous
I am back and can confirm that the soldiers will not attack you. Although I tried taking the ring off and nothing happened. The soldier just followed me like a summon.
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Can confirm that on SOTFS, having the King's Ring equipped will make most of the statues in Drangleic Castle non-hostile. It does not work for the two Primal Knight statues on the staircase leading up to the castle, and it does not work for the Stone Knights along the way to the Looking Glass Knight, but it works for all of the Royal Swordsman, Syan Knight, and Stone Soldier statues. They will not wake up and attack you unless you attack them first, and they will still take damage like normal. I recommend using this if you're farming for drops from those enemies, since it allows you to essentially kill them for free.
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fire damage buff does not affect fire whip spell whatsoever. if I had to guess it is because fire whip deals damage in many small increments so adding 5 damage to each would quickly add up to a significant buff.
also some spells seem to get more than 5 points, tested on the stone soliders in drangleic castle basement:
basic fire ball only gets 3 bonus damage per cast
while chaos storm gets as much as 6
it seems to be 1~1.2% buff instead of a flat +5 damage
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please ignore this post: my poor reading comprehension lead to me spending an hour testing stuff that was already throroughly tested before and now I cant delete this
also I think it does affect it but 1% just gets rounded to 0
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King's Ring also opens a door in shrine of Amana
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I was gonna agree but that's actually a different kind of door entirely, just checked - the Amana 'dragonrider' door requires you to be human and to have talked with Vendrick in the memory (I think?).
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The Dragonrider-guarded door only opens if you've killed Hollow Vendrick. His soul and armor set are behind it.