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The numbers listed were done with a two-handed riposte using a Lightning Heide Knight Sword+10 with RoB+2, Flynn's Ring, and Lightning Clutch Ring on 40 STR/40 DEX/50 FTH against the Undead Jailers of Lost Bastille.

Stock - 1434

With Sunlight Blade - 1701

With Sacred Oath - 1581

With both Sunlight Blade and Sacred Oath - 1845
What's with the mumbo jumbo "br br" sh*t. BBCodes won't work.

Anyway, your point is that Sacred Oath and Sunlight Blade stack? Ok.
Can this be used to buff the Looking Glass Knight?
simpson you are diabolical
this AND regen on ol mirror douche is vile
This miracle is a nice touch when getting summoned to help with bossfights for the sun covenant. Quite powerful if more than 2 people are summoned.
4 slots is a bit...
I'm assuming that the duration time increases while wearing a lingering dragoncrest ring(+), right?