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it seem to be super weak to poision. i only had to shoot it twice with poision arrows before it died on NG
So I did the math and with a heavy crossbow and 21 wood bolts you can kill a flame salamander if your on Bonfire intensity of 0 (cost of bolts is 525 souls)
If you re still playing you can kill him with miracle such as Lighting spears it takes 10 of them I thing, really easy
SCUMBAG! Its actually easier to run around it lol
SCUMBAG! Its actually easier to run around it lol
So I did the math and with a heavy crossbow and 21 wood bolts you can kill a flame salamander if your on Bonfire intensity of 0 (cost of bolts is 525 souls)
Use magic arrows, you can bought them in the castle
Sorry for posting so much
Poison arrows work! Four arrows to the throat works sit back and watch them die
With the heavy crossbow and 20 - 22 wood bolts you can kill one flame salamander meaning the cost of killing one salamander is 525 souls x 2 due to there being 2 and the cost is 1050 souls
Cheaper and Easier way: USE MAGIC


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For any pyromancy build, you can stack toxic and poison mist, use both, then when they wear off, use one more poison mist to finish off the lizard.
The pit can be accessed by a leaping attack to the Flame Lizard closest to the elevators leading to the Iron Door. When done properly you will land on his head and commence with an attack animation (thrusting your weapon into the top of the Flame Lizards head), this will negate all damage from the fall.
Good job on finding that out
Strong contender for "Most *******, unfair enemy in the game",from a tipple flame breath that with less than 40 points in hp will be lethal with two hits, and tracks the player with laser guided accuracy to the point it actually looks comical, the way this huge lizard is able to track your movements, no mater how fast, as it breath attack, To a tongue jab attack that literally starts, winds up, attacks, and lands the hit in a space of less than 3 frames, or roughly 0.3 seconds, Barely, BARELY above the physical limit of what the human body is, at peak reflex performance (the fastest a human body was ever recorded responding to stimuli of any sort, even reflexively, is around 0.17 seconds) making defending against the attack more a matter of "were you already blocking, with stam to burn, before the salamander even started his wind up animation" . Sure, they have a HUGE weakness to poison, but even that band-aid does not cover the gaping flesh wound that is an enemy that is utterly unfair on so many levels that a human body, with normal human reflexes is barely even capable of avoiding all its attacks, and not without luck on your side to. This enemy's attacks are a fantastic example of from, and b-team, at they absolute*****tiest.
"3 frames, or roughly 0.3 seconds" sir this is a 30fps game not a 10fps game, git gud or go home
Ignore the chode. These creatures are ridiculous. I just use poison arrows from a distance and easily dfodge their fireballs.
honestly, they're not that bad, wedge between their spoke on their cheek adn their foreleag and they cant hit you with fire, but the'll ALWAYS fireball if you stand there...
git gud. They are not that hard


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Git Gud Scrub.
1v1 They're not really too bad. Going against two at the same time at the bottom of Cardinal Tower is an exercise in frustration unless you can one-shot one of them. Or just snipe them one by one.
In general DS2 is ridiculous enemy wise. Unlimited stamina, absurd tracking. Not tough, unfair.
If you want to go down undamaged, first shoot it from the top... When it only has very little health left (killable with 1 shot), do a plunge attack... An animation will play and you take no fall damage... And you're down the pit!

Just poison the other one.
"Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone". You kill the lizard at the same time you go down without taking damage. Best method.
the plunge attack is cool
dark souls 2 ladies an gentlemen
Still my favourite Souls game. I'm a bit of a hypster plus I started the series with this game so what the original Dark Souls is to you is what Dark Souls 2 is to me.
yup. Best game in the series.


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if you're part of the Covenant of Champions these also drop awestones and is by far the most effective way of farming them.
nope roy the explorer is still the best... 13 guaranteed drops from a pathetic npc in grave... even on high ascetics he's a chump, and all you need is the covenant and he's easier...
are the flame lizards realy weak to poison? if so were to get poison items?
There’s a merchant at some point that sells poison arrows
Gavlan Wheel, Gavlan deal.