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2 notes: --- #1 where is Ricard's Rapier on the spreadsheet? #2 - on the spreadsheet, setting attributes to 25 each, (Stn, Dex, Int, Fth), yields astronomically high damage for everything from the Falchion to the end. Entering 30 for each attribute yields values more in line with what you would expect attributes set to 25 should yield. From there the progression is normal. It is as if, FROM THE FALCHION to the END of the list, the values one would expect from attributes of 50 or so were being displayed when you enter the value 25 for each attribute. (only fromn the Falchion down. Eveything from the dagger to the falchion is normal - all the way through. --- Attributes set to 25 each - Falchion to the end of the list --- major problem
i think you also missed the moonlight greatsword
It doesn't have any sort of scaling
Yes it does. The Bluemoon Greatsword has no scaling. The Moonlight Greatsword scales just fine, and is my recommended sorcerer weapon.
Missing the twin blades in the list
nevermind, just opened the full version
Can we get a download link? It's is really annoying to have to load up a browser each time...
Go to the calc and ctrl+s
The ivory ugs doesnt have the magic damage in its calculation
Where is the Dragon slayer axe?
Fume sword is missing


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fume sword is not missing its in the later pages elemental weapons
is the lost sinner's sword missing?
never mind