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I can't find the MLGS :/
Ivory ugs?
It's under the elemental weapons category.


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A few of the multi-elemental weapons aren't on here. The 2 I can think of are the Pilgrim's Spontoon and the Drakeblood Greatsword.
how to get good in the game?
where is caestus?
Quit ur job. Phone off. Lights off. Play 25/7
Dont have the smelter sword in the weapon calculator =P
Heide knight spear?
where is caestus?
Scythe of Want, Forlorn Scythe are missing, along with some other reapers (Scythe is technically a halberd..)
drakeblood is in list but I don't even know about pilgrims.
Where are the twinblades? I can't see them
tab 4
Im too blind or I just can't see the Ruler's Sword?
I cannot find the lifehunt scythe on here
I cant find the fume straight sword on the list



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There may be some weapons missing. I will try and modernize this if possible once we get dark souls 3 and other wikis finished up.
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Its not working, it only opens up spreadsheat view, which is useless.
no blue flame?
It's in the Elemental Weapons category.