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By Anonymous
You forgot to mention that the 2-handed thrusting strong attack can stun-lock most of the enemies infinitely, making it a very over-powered weapon.
By Anonymous
is it more strength or dex?
By Anonymous
I found the stun of the thrust very helpful against Undead Jailers
By Anonymous
it's more about both, a quality weapon
By inuyaha
Anyone on the 360 have the moonlight longsword?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Yes I do. What a beauty.
By Anonymous
Isn't this more strength even tho it says C for scaling on both?
By Anonymous
Its a quality weapon
By Anonymous
It scales more with str than dex, which becomes more apparent when infused.
By Anonymous
"It ain't much, but it's an honest weapon".
By Palpatine
Probably one of the best weapons in all of the games.
By Anonymous
100% I always try to use different weapons and always come back. It's just too good
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
goblin/grotesques in shaded woods drop these
By Anonymous
I have a green/blue long sword +10 in dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin I got it when I was doing a play through and summoned someone for the last giant boss fight
By Anonymous
What are u talking about
By Anonymous
Just learned this was a thing, been playing DS2 since it came out and it was the first SoulsBorne I played. Would've loved to have gotten one of those.
By Anonymous
Best sword in the game in my opinion I do around 435 damage 40 strength and 30 dex 50 intelligence I switch with fire clutch and lightning clutch and dominate I also use red twin blades for resistant foes but otherwise even in ng+ long swords are really effective
By Anonymous
In my opinion this is the best overall weapon in Dark Souls 2 It contains everything that you need : good scaling C on STR and DEX , an okay durability, excellent moveset in all terms one handed R2 attacks are excellent for crowd control , two handed R2 perfect to stun lock opponents , and roll attacks are thrust attacks wich if you combine with the Old Leo Ring gives you a sweet combination and most important this weapon it's pretty easy to get it.