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You forgot to mention that the 2-handed thrusting strong attack can stun-lock most of the enemies infinitely, making it a very over-powered weapon.
is it more strength or dex?
I found the stun of the thrust very helpful against Undead Jailers
it's more about both, a quality weapon


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Anyone on the 360 have the moonlight longsword?
Yes I do. What a beauty.
Isn't this more strength even tho it says C for scaling on both?
Its a quality weapon
It scales more with str than dex, which becomes more apparent when infused.
"It ain't much, but it's an honest weapon".


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Probably one of the best weapons in all of the games.
100% I always try to use different weapons and always come back. It's just too good
goblin/grotesques in shaded woods drop these
I have a green/blue long sword +10 in dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin I got it when I was doing a play through and summoned someone for the last giant boss fight
What are u talking about
Just learned this was a thing, been playing DS2 since it came out and it was the first SoulsBorne I played. Would've loved to have gotten one of those.
Best sword in the game in my opinion I do around 435 damage 40 strength and 30 dex 50 intelligence I switch with fire clutch and lightning clutch and dominate I also use red twin blades for resistant foes but otherwise even in ng+ long swords are really effective
In my opinion this is the best overall weapon in Dark Souls 2 It contains everything that you need : good scaling C on STR and DEX , an okay durability, excellent moveset in all terms one handed R2 attacks are excellent for crowd control , two handed R2 perfect to stun lock opponents , and roll attacks are thrust attacks wich if you combine with the Old Leo Ring gives you a sweet combination and most important this weapon it's pretty easy to get it.