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By Anonymous
How do I open the area past him (the trap) after it is closed?
By Anonymous
You can't, but there's another way to it. You'll have to climb up the ladder in the courtyard to the left of the gate and proceed by destroying a wagen to your left.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This guy is voiced by the kitchen gun guy...
By Anonymous
I've almost finished the game without talking to Pate again at earthern peak and was afraid that I won't be able to finish their quest, but when I returned he still was there.
By Anonymous
Who should I help: Pate or Creighton? Why?
By Anonymous
Creighton keeps the Ring of Pate when he dies, that's the only difference as I know, so assist in killing Creightonand then get rid off Pate after receiving the key.
By Anonymous
Hmm… I dunno. This guy is basically a coward and hopes that by giving you his gear that Creighton will kill you instead of him, but he still never attacks you first. He’s smart enough not to trust anyone and not to make enemies when doing do. Sensible bloke, really.
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