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By Anonymous
if pate dies but you summon him again and kill the boss does it count?
By Anonymous
So I killed pate at the first occasion I met him after getting summon stone, then I exhausted all of Creightons dialouges. What happens then is very interesting: When you then meet creighton while wearing pate's ring you got from killing him (thorn one) he then asks you to give him the ring. If you do, you get the key for the area described and the Engraved gauntlets. Although the place is boobytrapped and you actually hear Craightons voice, not pate's. Probably him being angry at you for stealing his kill (my theory). If you don't give him the ring, well idk, he probs will attack you.
By Anonymous
I exhausted pate's dialogue in forest of the fallen giants, but did not summon him at all. he still appeared in earthen peak. i dont think it's required that you summon him
By Anonymous
I forgot to summon pate for the last giant fight, will i still be able to get the ring of thorns from him when i get to that stage or have i lost my chance. I have already left the forest of fallen giants by now.
By Anonymous
I fought the last giant not realizing that he needed to be summoned to get his armor and ring, so after I killed the boss, I went back to him and exhausted his dialogue and ran back to the last giant boss area and saw his sign, was able to summon him and go through the boss fog gate (which reappeared) and he returned to his world. I met up with him at earthen peek and he did in fact give me his gifts.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He won't move unless you exhaust his dialogue in the first encounter.
By Anonymous
...but he gives the SMALL white soapstone, so don´t panic, you can get the "real" white soapstone later.
Till then you can´t summon players, though.
Just ALWAYS exhaust all dialogue in a Souls game, guys...
By Anonymous
Maybe you should add 'if you don't get the treasure that Pate mention in the Earthen Peak, opening the door beside him and just open the dat chest, then you cant exhaust his dialogue ', well, at least that was what happened to me...
By Anonymous
eat a bag of *****s
By Anonymous
His name might be a reference to Apate, an evil spirit of deceit released from Pandora's Box.
By Anonymous
or simply another hint on the patch trinute PATe-PATch a mild-****** Patch
By Anonymous
My theory on this is that Patches is an unmentioned entity in DS2, and Pate bears a striking resemblance to him. Patches probably tricked Creighton (in the way he always does) and ended up laying the blame on Pate, as Pate doesn't seem to have any idea who Creighton is. Patches would go on to do something similar in DS3, wearing someone else's armor to fool the player into trusting him.
By Anonymous
I think that it might just be a nudge to patches. I imagine he would loot your body in any of the traps you go into. though if you haven't i recommend reading Creighton's page
By Anonymous
Pate mentions travelling with a 'brusque fellow' who fell victim to a trap similar to the locking gate in Forest of Giants. I always figured Pate was meant to be a mix between Solaire and Patches. He's a rather friendly NPC who you can summon for a boss and he gives you the white sign soapstone, like Solaire. But he might not be as friendly as he seems and wields a pike and greatshield like patches.
By raepheles
I don't think so. Even when I first played this game Pate didn't seem nor sound like a good guy to me. Especially his voice tone tells a lot to me. I think Pate really did something to Creighton and he is lying about not knowing him. The way he says "What misunderstanding have caused this" (he says something similar to this sentence I wrote it off memory) is quiet sneaky. And Cale tells you that there is a killer on the run. He cannot remember his name but he says "Cray something...". Probably Cale is talking about Craighton. I would definitely believe that Creighton is a murderer who escaped from prison. Getting to the point probably one of them is sneaky bastard and the other one is a murderer. After you help either one of them in Brightstone and open the chest then get blasted away, the person you save says "That will leave a nice scar" while laughing. Pate or Creighton doesn't matter both of them say this indicating they are both bad people.
By Anonymous
Patches appears in every Miyazaki game. But Miyazaki didn't really work on Dark Souls 2. Ergo, a meta reason that one might suggest that Pate is a nod to Patches rather than simply having another iteration of Patches appearing in the game. As for his comments that he doesn't recall who Creighton is, it really comes down to who you trust. Pate could be lying, Creighton could have ulterior motives or poor information. I found Creighton's focus and certainty that Pate had wronged him to be somewhat compelling, though I'm not sure he knows anything else, perhaps having lost much of his memory due to death and therefor hollowing, clinging to this singular fact? Likewise Pate could have forgotten the errors of his life to live in blissful, irresponsible peace, and be telling the truth that he hasn't the foggiest idea who Creighton is. Heck, people have enough trouble in DS2 remembering themselves, let alone others.
By Anonymous
While this theory has issues, patches is, canonically, knocking about dranglaic somewhere. Remember, we know he made it to the end of the world without going hollow until we meet lapping in dark souls 3. This means that he did survive through all of darksouls 1, 2 and the events in between. So retroactively I think this may be true, but only because of the ringed city dlc.
By Anonymous
You can actually hear Pate says "That will leave a nice scar" after activating his chest trap, the one that he gives you a key for.
By Anonymous
Guess this would count as Trivia but he's wearing the Standard Set from Dark Souls 1 and 3.
By Anonymous
Indeed. I was genuinely surprised that Standard Set in
DS3 doesnt feature something about Pate.
By Anonymous
mild-mannered patches
By Anonymous
Ahahaha! Please by all that's good in the world, don't be a detective or try helping people, you all wouldn't know who to actually help.
By Anonymous
I killed him for his spear in forest of fallen giants, but I didnt obtain any sin. is this a bug or a feature? cant find any information online.
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