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By Anonymous
Obnoxious ****ing enemies, why do they have infinite super armor while they're attacking to the point they can eat a 2-handed Great Hammer R2 (Even the Smelter Hammer which normally sends humanoid enemies like these dudes flying like wet towels and pancakes them with most of it's attacks with ease including heavily armored characters with high poise, struggles to even consistently stagger these bastards) without even ****ing flinching? The absolutely ******* amounts of poise these douchebags have would make goddamn Havel jealous
By Anonymous
No drops?
By Anonymous
How do these mofos just face-tank an Ultra Greatsword 2h heavy attack and not even flinch?

Seriously, how are these regular-ass knights complete poise-monsters who'll tank ultra Greatsword and Great Hammer/axe power slams to the face better than Havel ever could?
I swear this particular DLC has a raging hard-on for regular mobs being complete poise-monsters for absolutely no reason other than to be an annoying and cheap way to make them "hard"
By Anonymous
These are one of the few enemies in the dlc that take full damage from magic.
By Anonymous
I find it hilarious that they fat roll. It's very rare to see that. My advice is to put on the Stone ring and use something like a Large Club or a Gyrm Axe to pancake them. I personally used a Curved Dragon Greatsword +3, which doesn't flatten them, but it's poise breaks them and does huge damage.
By Anonymous
******* that is Havel.
By Anonymous
They seem to have hyper armor, making it impossible to break their poise when they attack
By Anonymous
Tbf a lot of enemies in this dlc have hyper armour, its nothing new but oh boy its still annoying