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These guys are pretty easy to parry due to the slow telegraph
By Anonymous
i can pvp if these guys work like players
By Anonymous
That DbK in the reference pic is a wide boye.
By Anonymous
Damn things hit to hard...
By Anonymous
get good.
By Anonymous
3 aug anon you typed it wrong! it's "GIT GUD"
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Top 10 animes poise
By Anonymous
I died to that one guy in a room with two spinning doors more than from most of bosses excluding smelter demon and pursuer o.O
They are lightning fast, agressive, very hard to dodge ( probably due to location ) and it comes down to luck in beating them...
By Anonymous
I am very suspicious that the drakeblood knights wear a shield just like targray does when you consider the implication that the two orders of knights could have a common origin.
By Anonymous
maybe heretics who disbanded from the land of heide and it's sentinels for looking for blood, y'know... considering the sentinels actively fight against bloodthirsty raiders already
By Anonymous
Makes sense, the blue sentinels want to transcend their existence by helping and protecting others, while the drakeblood knights want to transcend via the blood of dragons.
By Anonymous
as long as you're able to break their stance and stun them for a bit, you should be able to follow up in some hits and take some chunks of their health off.
bait their heavy and rolling attacks then go for a crit if you're being careful
and keep in mind there are multiple drakebloods in the dragon sanctum, don't get overwhelmed or you'll die

in other words, Try two-handing and using the stone ring