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He looks like Nightmare from Soul Calibur.
i hate this boss fight!! :(
Ugly on-fire bastard : dead
Ugly on-fire bastard : dead
Ugly on-fire bastard : dead
Ugly on-fire bastard : dead
ill bring him back to life and farm him from above. simle!
I hated the run up to this boss, cause the enemies were so annoying
I find it best to dodging his attacks


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Wow, what a useful tip. *
I found that poison was very inefficent i was doing 22 damage a hit with a +8 washing pole. However i switched ti a longsword+10 and a shortsword+5 with lightning and thr damage was significantly greater.

If you use fire on him he will skip ahead his stages. Don't do that.
hi :)


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What a Memorable Boss , Smelt me some marshmallows but damn,, The smelter Sword is the best .
Flash sweat plus lucitial for heal windows smelty=easy peasy