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By Anonymous
If you search up "ds2 gank squad" this page shows up first
By Anonymous
This boss is pretty easy with ranged battle (sorcery/pyromancy/faith/hexes/arrows) Kite the two idiots chasing you, dodge the arrow shooter, lure in water and keep kiting. Kill the shieldless one first (graverobber) and make your choice on who to kill next Havel's fan or the archer guy (he is easier to kill, less hp no shield). Then the boss is now easy pickings.
By Anonymous
Just as bad as lud and zallen, A Havel wannabe with infinite poise, a douche who snipes you across the map and has a rapier that straight up ignores poise and is guaranteed to stagger you, even if you're wearing heavy high poise-having armour he staggers you as easily as if you were a butt naked caveman, And a dual-katana weeb who bleeds you in seconds

This fight is just so, ughhhh...
Doesn't help that it's in black gulch 2.0 with petrify statues instead of poison statues, and an assload of enemies.
By Anonymous
Terrible fight - forces you to use chicken strategies. Once one of them dies, it becomes a breeze though.

Run in a figure eight down to the waterpools and run up the ramps. Graverobber will attack first. Roll, attack run. Rinse and repeat.

When Greaverobber is dead, Varg can be beaten easily by backstabbing him to death (backstabbing also makes you almost invulnerable to the greatarrows). After that, Cerah is a breeze.
By Anonymous
Spent all my soul vessels respecing to fight these things and learned they take no damage at all.

80 INT Spell spammer build with fully upgraded Magic Staff of WIsdom + Great Heavy Soul Arrow = 96 damage to archer, or 33 to Havel wannabe

80 STR Heavy Greatsword slammer = 160 to archer, 76 to Havel wannabe

Any dex just dies to arrow stagger and Havel onehits...
By Anonymous
The only real way to beat this boss is to play like an absolute *****, circling round the edges, running after getting hit and going in for a few hits before fleeing again. Having Hexes or Spells definitely helps, and the chip damage most hexes do can give you a fighting chance. Good Luck Skeleton
By Anonymous
this is in my opinion the easiest of all the dlc bosses, since it's the only one I didn't get stuck on (in NG+ since I just bought the DLC)
By iamhollowplshelp
literally the hardest boss in the game just beat it with great club pancake strats
By Anonymous
this boss fight blowssssss
By Anonymous
Surprisingly it only took me 2 tries with no summons. I was just circling around the ledges, dropping to the water then going up again while they chased me. Whenever one of them was separated from the other two I would give him a couple hits then repeat the process.

I never do PvP so this was quite the experience.
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