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By Anonymous
The two summoning signs are shortly after the bonfire, since nobody seems mentioning it.
By Anonymous
Probably the worst boss if we aren't considering runbacks, incredibly boring to fight and simulates elden ring pvp experience. Only good thing are rewards in form of upgrade mats but even that is hardly worth the trouble considering they can be farmed easily. If you are having trouble do the following:
- kill the archer first
- use magic, bows and other ranged stuff whenever you can
- go to Gavlan and buy 30+ poison knives
- bait them to lower floor often as that can give you 5 seconds of breathing room because they are slowed by water as well
By Anonymous
0/10 fight. Nothing good about it. F**k this fight.
By Anonymous
broke all the statues on the way to gank just to find out that they respawn. ****
By Anonymous
as others have mentioned, definitely bring the summons along, and a way to heal them. go 3 v 2 with Graverobber and Vargh and try and get some backstabs on them, kill em fast. Then gangbang Cerah.
By Anonymous
Well, with the two summons I actually enjoyed the ensuing 3v3. Felt like a fair fight. Would never try to solo, though.

Havel is easy to backstab. Bow dude is easy to parry or stunlock.
By Anonymous
This fight, and in particular the area before it, is the reason I didn't finish all 3 games before getting to Elden Ring like I wanted to. **** the completionism, this dogsh!t fight is not worth another second of my time.
By Anonymous
bro just sprint thru the area, not a big deal. Havae your sheild up t block the spitting statues.
By Anonymous
I love when they put impossible bosses in ds2, there was no chance that miyazaki was at the studio when they made this
By Anonymous
I hate them. But I hate the double pursuers even more.
By Anonymous
for the double pursuers, get one locked in an animation while the other isnt, and leave the room, re-entering quickly. one will leave and one will remain, and they dont respawn. get you that ROB+2 cuz
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