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I just defeated this boss, only gave 60k souls instead of the listed 120k on NG.
Honestly they're not that hard. Solo'd them with a +5 Chaos Blade on my second attempt. Killed Graverobber, then Varg, and Cerah last.
Hardest fight in game.
Beat them solo, no npc summons, powerstancing smelter sword+5/zweihander+10. As soon as I entered, ran directly to the end of the ledge on the right, waited for graverobber and varg to pull up to the door, then jumped off and fell directly into the water and went halfway up the ramp. As soon as one appeared, I made a beeline to cerah, targeted and L1'd her once, then ran back to the entrance. Repeat until she died, then used the same path for the graverobber. Once I got halfway up the ramp and he appeared, targeted and L2'd him once, dodged/ran away back to the entrance, repeat doing the same for varg. Repair powders definitely needed. Took a bit of time and patience if they weren't lined up properly or varg and robber were too close, but was a success. Disappointing rewards though
Backstabs are not effective and they do very low damage...
My strategy for this horrible excuse for a boss fight: divide and conquer. Do your best to split to band of jerks into one on one fights with summons. I took out the double swordsman first because he three shot me. The longer your summons stay alive, even the CPU ones, the better your odds. Good luck.
backstab did massive damage for me. i used +5 blue flame with no added effect and i took out cerah with like 3 backstabs and a small amount of soul arrows. i couldn't get behind the other 2 for some reason though
Every time I do this boss fight, I kill Cerah and Graverobber. Varg always kills me
^^^Until I met Fume Knight
strange, varg did jumping attack on me
Solo sorceror/hexer, first ever playthrough:

Affinity and run around like a headless chicken for ages to kill off varg and the graverobber when they get close enough for the hex to activate, then demolish cerah with soul spears. Took ages and 2-3 deaths, and yeah it's cheap, but I'll take it!
i just solo'd it 2 and yeah, i should've carried repair powder. they almost break all of my equipment
varg literally never attacked me even once. graverobber was hella agressive, cerah kept shooting arrows, but varg literally just slowly followed me around while two handing his dragon tooth and blocking. even when the other two were dead he just kept following me while blocking
Everytime I invade in Dark souls 3 i constantly see people who act exactly like these guys, except the bow is replaced with HCSM



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No, they are not spamming throwing knives and dont start throwing VERY GOOD! carvings at your dead body if you lose.
Every time I get invaded in dark souls 3 all they do is run away towards enemies and waste loads of time while I sit there in the cleared out area refusing to take the bait. Then when they start taking damage they run away again. They spend so much time trying to bait me into enemies study all end up getting destroyed.


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@Black_Iron_Bob Homing Crystal Soul Mass
Killed this boss solo on my first try. Requires patience and running around though. And some lifegems if you run out of Estus.
Why are ppl disliking? Here, bro, don't mind poor souls
Because it's a trashy commend that adds nothing to the article. Why anyone would like it is beyond me
Got it on my first try, Got my heart pumping so hard, loved it. 10/10
pretty much every boss fight in vanilla is trash, but if we're talking about dlcs.. Yes, this is the worst.


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Solo it is, but if you call the npc phantoms this boss is a joke.
It makes no sense to list a page with boss information without putting their location. I have no clue where these three are.

That's where they are located, but you're right, this info should be added to this page...
They are located in the Cave of the Dead. You need the Crown of the Sunken King to get here.
i call this boss "the Gank Spank"
The Graverobber luckily freezed in my fight as stated in the page so I beat Varg and Cerah pretty easily. Now I feel guilty ;)
Probably the worst boss i have ever seen in my 10 years videogames history.
youve only been playing games for 10 years?
nah that would be magus and the congregation
it's not THAT bad. I have seen worse.
Use three ascetics and then see how much you laugh at magnus. (I laughed too, until I had to actually pay attention)