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By Anonymous
Grab the 3 summons from around the area and let them do the work . The boss won't manage to kill one , as long as you have about 3 flasks you can just cheese it . Watch for little guys , got this boss 2nd try / first try with all summons . Can also apply fire to your weapon and sneak in extra hits when she's busy .
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
can someone plz add what bonfire causes her to respawn?
By Anonymous
its the one next to ornifex, cant remember the name
By Anonymous
So Bashful Ray is only in SotFS? May want to add that to his description.
By Anonymous
Using the torch in sotfs makes the fight very easy, especially with no summons. Spiders won’t attack you, and the boss is fairly slow
By Anonymous
I suggest you to not use the summons if you are playing melee, just use a torch (to ignore the small spiders) and solo her. Her health points increase a lot and she will still try to attack you with summons... so it's easier to face her alone because she will die faster and it's easier to predict attacks if you're the only target.
By Anonymous
I like how the only damage you can do is when you hit its face.
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