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By Anonymous
This area makes me want to rip my **** off
By Anonymous
My first time going through DS2 right now (SotFS). The aggro range of knights in this place is unreal. I do enjoy dropping the knights and turtles in the lava after ironhearth bonfire, but it got old after doing the runback to old iron king 7,8,9 times. Just now realizing there was another bonfire right before the boss :\
By Anonymous
Me too! But I grinded a bit so cleared my way to the boss
By Anonymous
In Vanilla there are half the knights in the area around Smelter demon's arena, and with *far* less aggro range.
By Anonymous
It warms my heart to see people still playing this game and posting on this community.
By 6Daddy66
Idk what phantom it is, but right before Eygil's Idol bonfire in NG+, holy **** what an infuriating fight. Tiny space where you can either roll into fire or back into the hole you came from, dying of fall damage, while facing an opponent with 5000000 poise who jumps straight through the fire to smash my skull.
By Anonymous
Good place to gain levels
By Anonymous
The Pursuer seems stronger here.
By Anonymous
Ya, back in lost bastile it was like, 10 hits and he died. This time it was 30-50
By Anonymous
I got invaded by Forlorn here (playing SotFS offline)
By Anonymous
That ****er is everywhere in offline lol. At least he's pretty easy as far as invaders go
By leoknight
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I love DS2 but each time I get here I remember just how awful the area and the whole path that leads to it is.
By Anonymous
Worst area in the series. WTF were they thinking with this crap place
By Anonymous
Kid named frigid outskirts:
By Anonymous
so did someone just give up on this guide
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