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Saw a channeler's trident drop from leaving a small smooth and silky stone. It was the second weapon he got right after getting the dagger as deprived on a new character. Bloody lucky.
White Ring can be obtained from Smooth and Silky Stone, also. (PC). I'm wearing Jester's Hat and +2 Ring.


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Although I am not 100% sure on this, I believe that drop rate increasing equipment (such as the Jester's Hat, Prisoner's Tatters, and the Gold Covetous Serpent Ring) do not affect your chances of receiving a better item. As I understand it, only the Rusted Coin causes any change in traded items. Although this is something I'll have to test when I find the time to farm trading items.
It's called a "sconce" not a "scone." You eat scones for breakfast, you light sconces with fire. Somebody please fix this, I can't edit.
3 more Petrified Somethings may be found in a chest located in the Crown of the Sunken King DLC challenge area. On the second floor, it's located in a chest tucked away in one of the corridors.
I got the white ring without either one with a smooth and silky stone
Mmmm, toasty scones
Got a small silky stone dropped at the fire cone in the Forrest of Fallen Giants instead of a petrified something. (Xbox1)
The invisible one by the sconce? Yea same here but on PC.
The shadow at the Fire Scone in the Forrest of Fallen Giants dropped a "smooth silky stone" instead of a "Petrified Something"

I´m using Xbox One and The Scholar of the first Sin Edition
neglects to mention that the petrified something in forest of the fallen giants is SotFS exclusive (original ds2 has no invisible hollows)
The info about the chest after The Rotten is false. I don't remember what I got from that chest, but I know it wasn't a Petrified Something.


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I dont see a mention for the one i just picked up in belfry luna when u go down the ladder near the upper ramparts bonfire and theres 7 or 8 dogs and its on one of the 2 corpses along with an enchanted falchion and dragon tooth weapons
Found one in No Man's Wharf, next to the main house at the center of the level where you can use the Pharros Lockstone. Just to the left of this house is an invisible enemy like the one in the Forest of the Fallen Giants, kill him and you get the Petrified Something