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By Pixieking
Tested on Scholar Of The First Sin DX11 version.

For background: I killed the Giant Lord on Intensity 1, and then did the other Giant Memories. But I wanted to farm souls to level-up, so burnt an Ascetic at The Place Unbeknownst. So, I'm on Intensity 2, and this trick requires the Aged Feather. My advice is to kill the Giant Lord on Intensity 1 before using an Ascetic, because then you can grab the Soul Of A Giant easier.

Go into Memory of Jeigh, and wait at the start as the fireballs do their damage. After about 30 seconds/1 minute, all that should be left is the two giants. Run up the steps of the nearest turret-lookout, and then turn back, hurrying towards the fog-gate you entered through. All being well, you should've just triggered the rolling-head animation, which *fingers crossed* killed at least one (maybe both) Giants. If there's still one left, either cut your losses and warp back to the nearest bonfire with the Aged Feather, or ping an arrow at it. Timed right, it'll charge you but get caught by a volley of fireballs, which should at least halve its health. Then take it down with your weapon of choice. Finally, return to the last bonfire, and repeat.

I've done this about 20 times, now. On Intensity 2 and with a +1 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring equipped, each Giant is giving 5200 souls, and the rest of the enemies give anything from 600 to 2000 souls. So, each trip into the Memory is giving about 22000 souls. I'm not sure if it's a bug, or if it's because I haven't killed the Giant Lord on this intensity.

Also, remember: You don't have to kill the enemies to get their souls.
By Anonymous
On intensity 4 with CSCR+1 and Tseldora set a run gives 37731 souls, not much of a difference..!
By Anonymous
On intensity 3 with CSCR+1 and Tseldora set a run gives 34303 souls
By Anonymous
This is what I'm doing too, intensity 7. Fighting Giant Lord melee is a pain on higher intensities, his one-shot kill is annoying since camera angle can f you up, so this tactic is the safest if you're not a caster/archer and don't want to respec just for farming.
By Anonymous
You make about 1,000,000+ souls every 5 minutes if you farm the boss himself, so even though it is significantly more difficult, it is a few hundred times more efficient, I believe...
By Anonymous
Someone in the replies of this comment (the fourth) says fighting him is a pain; true. To prevent him from one-shotting you, you can use the spell, denial, which should last for the whole fight. If you're worried about camera angles, try to bait the same attack over and over so that you don't need to guess what attack he is making...
By Anonymous
"1,000,000+ souls every 5 minutes if you farm the boss himself" you must have wings and some snazzy dps for that.
By Anonymous
i farm for souls in intensity 8,with all soul farming gear,but body armor and get +50000 souls.this place is best soul farming location ever
By Anonymous
how long can you stay in a memory ?
By Anonymous
Read the page
By Anonymous
somewhere 7 mins
By Anonymous
5 mins
By Anonymous
after killing the Giant Lord it looks like the humans fighting the giants in other memories aren't hostile to you
By Anonymous
Nope, they re just too busy. In nemory of orro everyone in the 2nd floor attacks you.
By Anonymous
that head which rolls all the way does like infinite dmg, giants on ng+7 still dies in one shot
By Anonymous
seems logical
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
memories of giantdad slaying casuls
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Godbless whoever put a message that said “tongue required in short try head” next to the giant manspreading at the end of this level.