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By Anonymous
Why couldn't they just put a bonfire next to her holy ****. I don't wanna get ganked by spiders.
By Anonymous
Carry a torch. The spiders will run away while you have one. You can also light the sconce outside of her house and it will keep them from following you into the room.
By Anonymous
Aged Smelter Sword is missing from the list?
By Anonymous
Would you?
By Anonymous
Don't scroll down the comments
By Anonymous
dear god
By Anonymous
I want her to pee all over me
By Anonymous
Same actually
By Anonymous
bruh what
By Anonymous
Delete your comment
By Anonymous
Best Waifu
By Anonymous
she really has some good assets
By Anonymous
Is there anyway I can bring her back the basilisks killed her
By Anonymous
You should have killed them before opening the door.
By Anonymous
I fell in a hole and got ganked, saw a door, panicked. Didnt know there were basilisks.

**** this ****.
By Anonymous
She's only offering me 2 weapons for trade. Any idea why?
By Anonymous
As in you can't see any other option? How many boss souls do you possess in inventory?
By Anonymous
wtf, she? always thought this mf was a malformed male
By Anonymous
Did you "talk" and hear her voice?
By Anonymous
"...malformed male" Hmm... Isn't that what females basically are?
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